Friday, August 15, 2008

Buying pews

Lots of churches are still buying pews and lots of companies are still making them.  The purpose of this site is to let you know some ins and out of the process since most building committee members will only do this once in a lifetime and the learning curve is very condensed once the process of pew selection begins.
In the interest of full disclosure I sell pews and other church products through my company, Church Pews and Seating in Northern Illinois and Wisconsin, so I do have some bias.  But the cool thing about blogs is that other people can support, comment and offer counter-points to my thoughts.  One thing about the comments.  If you're posting about a supplier, make sure that you have the company name correct and that they were in fact the maker of your product.  I have visited a lot of churches over the years and even when the pews are relatively new, most people in the church office or on the committee cannot remember which company actually supplied them.
Below is a listing of pew companies that I am aware of as of this posting  Note that I have included some that are definitely not in production and some that may have stopped.  I have verified the links.  You have to contact them if you're interested in learning more.  If you find a dead link, let me know so I can try to reconnect.  If you're a manufacturer and don't want to be listed, let me know that too.  I will try never to make a comment on a given manufacturer either pro or con because that isn't the purpose of the blog, but will comment on various construction techniques that are used and discuss the pros and cons.  I have tried to keep non-manufacturers off of the list.  Good luck with the contacts.
Pew Companies that I know of as of 2008
Web Address
City State
Abraham Mfg
Port Arthur, TX
Allencia Furnishings
Dundas, Ontario, Canada
Atlantic Institutional Furniture and Pews
New Brunswick, Canada
Canada Pew Company
Winkler, Manitoba
CCS of Virginia
Pembroke, VA
Church Interiors
Union City, OH
Church Outlet
High Point, NC
Church Plaza
Sarasota, FL
Covenant Church Furniture
Ozark, MO
Dakota Church Furniture
Dickinson, ND
Davis Church Furniture
Melrose, WI
Dumas Church
Grove Hill, AL
E. Hackner Co.
No longer in production
LaCrosse, WI
Endicott Company
No longer in production
Gunder Church Furniture
Humboldt, IA
Hall Manufacturing
Heavenly Wood Church Furniture
Kaysville, UT
Imperial Woodworks, Inc.
Waco, TX
King Church Furniture

Dothan, AL
Kivett's Inc
Clinton, NC
L. L Sams
No longer in production
Cameron, TX
London Church Furniture
London, KY
Marshall Company
Payette, ID
New Holland Custom Wood Work
New Holland, PA
Northland Church Furniture
Luck, WI
O'Neill Church Furnishings

No longer in production
Overholtzer Church Furniture
Modesto, CA
Rainsville Church Pew Co
Rainsville, AL
Ratigan-Schottler Manufacturing
Beatrice, NE
Rugel Church Furnishings
Jefferson City, TN
Sauder Manufacturing
Archbold, OH
Scott Manufacturing
Ada, OK
Valley City Manufacturing
Dundas, Ontario, Canada
Virginia Church Furniture, Inc
Pulaski, VA
Walter Jacobi & Sons Inc
No longer in production
Belmont, CA
Ward Manufacturing
Greenville, TX
Winebarger Church Furniture Company
No longer in production
Lynchburg, VA


Church Furniture said...

There is a lot of good info on this site. However some of the companies listed are not manufacturers, but are sales offices. Church Plaza, Church Outlet, Church Interiors and Heavenly Wood are all sales offices and do not manufacture pews.

Two companies not listed that do manufacture are Born Again Pews in Twin Oaks, OK ( and Southeast Church Furniture in Greensboro, NC (

Also, CCS of VA recently closed, Overholtzer went out of business and Imperial Woodworks bought their name and designs but they are made in TX now.

Trinity Church Furniture no longer makes pews, only pulpit furniture.

Church Furniture Store manufactures pulpit furniture and offers these at substantial discounts to churches.

There was also a factory in Florida that closed recently, but I cannot recall the name, and one in Carolina is taking an "extended leave of absense" due to the economy. Cathedral Church Interiors in Autryville NC no longer shows up online.

Don't forget to check for Used Church Furniture opportunities - buy, sell or donate to another church.
All church to church transactions.

Milan said...


Could you tell me how do pew manufacturers generally distribute their products?

Do they normally sell it through sales offices like Church Plaza, Church Outlet, Church Interiors, etc.?

Or do they sell through sales represenatives which are employed by the company or independent sales representatives such as yourself?

Florida Millwork & Church Furniture said...

To correct the previous comment regarding a pew manufacturer in Florida closing...Florida Millwork & Church Furniture is still open! We are located in Central Florida, and manufacture pews and other custom church furnishings for churches throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Our website is

Thank you!